JZN Pastry House

Animation for a 4-screens analyzing machine in JZN Pastry House.舊振南文化館互動裝置動畫設計2019, Motion Graphic

Futuristic Love Equation
In the “Futuristic Love Equation” exhibit section. IF+ developed a analyzing machine to digitalize the data of spectator and final results on a 4-screen display installation. In this project, I was tasked with develop  a loop title animation for standby mode, the animation of analyzing machine and a few specialized assignments.
In the standby mode, I meticulously crafted various heart shapes drawn with equations, floating in a digital future universe. After  camera passes through the universe, it brings out the theme of this exhibition - “Yuan” which is a chinese character mean “Circle”, implies the contour of Jiu Zhen Nan's traditional wedding cakes and the psychological state of a union and satisfaction.
Clint : 舊振南文化館
Present by 當若科技藝術 - IF Plus
​​​​​​​Animation Design: Nien Chung 

The analyzing machine digitalize the spectator’s image and thoughts about love, and finally results in one’s love appearance after continuous calculating and identifying. This UI style and storyboard are designed by Yuwen Tung of IF+. And I was tasked with creating the animation of all the elements, including this cute turbulent ball as an AI virtual assistant.
This 4 screens motion works combined with pandan cake is one of all the six flavors of Han cakes after analyzing people’s imagination of the digital genre of love and happiness.
Style designed by Yuwen Tung


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