LED Animation Reel of Time and Space Corridor
Time and Space CorridorUsing the local color and landscapes from Chiayi County as material, the design concept of LED lighting inside and outside the corridor is to create a ceremony inviting people to enter the “past, present, and future” of Chiayi County. The structure was made of steel-based and allowed the light to shine perfectly. 

The Lantern Fair of Technology for Taiwan's 2018 Lantern Fair in Chiayi
Exhibition Date | 2018.2.16 ~ 2018.3.11
Art direction, Produce | IF Plus Co., Ltd.
Sound design | Lim Giong
Installation design | Atelier Neo.E X Fengjia Construction Real X Tainan University of Arts
LED lighting design | IF Plus, Wang PoYu, Ben Chen
LED animation design | IF Plus, Nienan Chung
Videographer |  Nienan Chung
Year | 2
Full project details at IF Plus Website : ifp.io/work/64
Guidelines for mapping the animation to the LED strips.


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