The Quiz Game
The Quiz Game is an interactive game for both the newlyweds and guests. When a game question show on the big screen, every guests can join the vote by using their mobiles to scan a QR Code and choose their favorite option. After the voting is over, the screen will show the poll results in number of votes. The giant multi LED screen in this wedding banquet hall of Gala De Chine Xinzhuang Jingguan with the animation always make the wedding entertaining and playful.

【真愛大問答】是一個為頤品大飯店量身訂做的婚禮互動遊戲,來賓只要用自己的行動裝置掃描 LED 螢幕上的 QR code 就可以一起參與投票,精彩的開票畫面與360度圍繞會場的巨型螢幕讓婚禮變得好玩又娛樂性十足。

Clint : Gala De Chine Xinzhuang Jingguan
Project Manager : Tom Chen
Animation : Nien Chung
Interactive multimedia programmer : Hao Tseng
Front-end engineer & Back-end engineer : Tom Chen, Kevin Huang


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