The Scenery is projected on the floor and on a wall adjacent to the floor projection, creating one continuous image. The whole experience is about an immersion into a galaxy world. Visitor can immerse themselves in the digital representation of reality and walk on the floor projection to interactive with it.
There are three animals in the scenery, heron,  carp and dragonfly.
When visitor walks near the pearl on the farmland, it will transform through a glow and a heron will fly out.
Former versions
This is "morning", "noon" and "sunset" versions of the original scenery design. Stylistically, they are all low-poly look, and I take the origami as reference to design the different view of shape and posture of the animals.
This scene is a typical for the area surrounding the Pearl Red Winery.
Clint : Pearl Red
Production Company:當若科技藝術 IF+
Concept Art : Nien Chung


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